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  • 3 Weeks To Mont Ventoux: Part 3

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    By Ron Berry P.T., PHASE IV Director of Rehab Services Part 1: 3 Months to Mont Ventoux Part 2: 2 Months to Mont Ventoux Part 3: The Final Stretch Bicycling has long been a passion of mine. From being
  • 2 Months To Mont Ventoux: Part 2

    By Ron Berry P.T., PHASE IV Director of Rehab Services Create Confidence.                  Self confidence can be very powerful when working towards a goal. Recently, I recall listening to st
  • 3 Months To Mont Ventoux: Part I

    By Ron Berry P.T., PHASE IV Director of Rehab Services Building to a peak is exhilarating, and self motivating – especially when it is the peak of Mont Ventoux. The top of the mountain at 6300 feet
  • Improve Cycling Performance Through Base Training

    By Robert Forster, P.T., PHASE IV Founder & CEO With summer right around the corner, making sure you’ve put in the work to build an aerobic base is more important now than ever. A lot is happeni
  • Cycling For A “Younger” Metabolism

    By Shelby Stoner, PHASE IV Exercise Physiologist Did you know that the month of May is recognized as National Bike Month? It’s a time to celebrate bikes, cycling, and most importantly a reminder to
  • The Best Foods For Your Long Rides

    By Tina Paymaster, PHASE IV Functional Nutrition & Health Specialist   When you’re out on a ride for 3-4 hours, refueling is essential to getting the most out of your workout and helping yo

    Along with the New Year usually comes setting intentions that include some sort of health and fitness goal. As these intentions come and go each year, so do the fitness trends. According to recent sur

    With one leg and an iron will, Brett Wolfe sets himself apart from biking pack by Kristin Dizon, Seattle Post Intelligence SQUAMISH B.C. — Coated with a thin layer of dust and a trickle of blood
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