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  • Compression Gear

    Compression garments: Do they influence athletic performance and recovery? As coaches we are continually searching for training aids that can accelerate recovery from training and competition. One tra

    Early Season Checklist: The 2019 Skechers Los Angeles Marathon© is just 15 weeks away! “Off Season” training is misconstrued by many to mean training that is somehow less important than &
  • Hormone Response to Exercise: Leptin

    By Shelby Stoner, PHASE IV Exercise Physiologist Previous articles in the Hormone Series: Hormone Response To Exercise: Insulin Hormone Response To Exercise: Cortisol Hormone Response To Exercise:  H
  • Exercise And Heart Health

    By Shelby Stoner, PHASE IV Exercise Physiologist Exercise is medicine. It’s the global health initiative implemented by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) that encourages physicians an
  • Structural Stability and Flexibility Training for Runners

    By Robert Forster P.T., PHASE IV CEO & Founder FLEXIBILITY TRAINING Flexibility is defined as the range of motion of bones around a joint. Bones must have the freedom of movement to be positioned
  • Gauging Workout Intensity: How Hard Should You Go?

    By Shelby Stoner, PHASE IV Exercise Physiologist How many times have you hit the track, gone to spin class, or hopped on a treadmill to do your routine workout, and by the 5th minute your heart is bea

    Staying healthy while traveling can prove to be a big challenge. All of a sudden you’re thrown out of the comfort of your bed, your routine, your kitchen and your gym (or running route.) Whether you
  • The Missing Link From Your Training Program

    By Shelby Stoner, PHASE IV Exercise Physiologist It seems like you’re doing all of the right things, you’re training 4+ days per week, incorporating a variety of workouts, working in your Long Slo
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