PHASE IV Health and Performance Center is dedicated to improving the functional health and fitness of people of all ages and abilities. Our philosophy and expertise is rooted in science. We utilize scientific evaluation techniques, state-of-the-science exercise protocols, and proven nutritional guidance to provide individualized wellness programs based on results not fads.

PHASE IV is a physical rehabilitation and recovery center; a private personal training clinic, and a health and fitness laboratory all in one, utilizing hard earned experience that can only be gained from 35 years in the high stakes arena of elite athletics. PHASE IV has thousands of success stories, and clientele that ranges from student athletes to great grandparents; age group competitive triathletes and celebrities, as well as Olympic and World Champion Athletes.

We apply the same scientific principles to create every individualized nutrition and exercise program. We empower you to lose unwanted pounds, play in the yard with your grandkids, run that marathon you always wanted, qualify for the Ironman World Championships, become a scratch golfer, or manage your health risks. No matter your age, abilities or goals, PHASE IV is dedicated to helping you acquire the functional health you desire.


Metabolic testing is the starting point for all science based nutrition and exercise programs designed to achieve optimum health and body weight. The Resting Metabolic Rate test measures precisely how many calories your body requires to keep your metabolism revving and burning more calories all day.

The VO2 test measures your metabolic efficiency: at what heart rate you stop burning fat for fuel. A metabolism that relies on carbohydrate for energy throughout the day is often the cause of fatigue, weight gain, an a condition known as metabolic syndrome.

The human physiological structure is the most magnificent creation on earth. The systems that keep us alive, healthy and fit require movement. “Use it or loose it,” is the truth; but the right movement at the right times, with the correct intensity, is a prescription for health.

The Forster Structure Program is the corner stone of every exercise and training program at PHASE IV. It is a global fitness program that is uniquely designed to build functional joint stability, range of motion, flexibility and strength in phases; overtime, to not only prevent injury, but to address old injuries and imbalances that have occurred throughout life.

PHASE IV is a governed by Master Physical Therapists and Exercise Physiologists who have dedicated their lives to understanding how the body works, and how to empower you to reach your goals with less effort and more support than you imagine.


Exercise is not the only factor for fitness, functional health and performance in life and sport. Food is fuel for life, and it is the single most important factor in developing a healthy digestive system.

Just like with your exercise training, a science-based approach to what you put in your body and when you do it has a great effect on your ability to achieve your health goals. The PHASE IV approach to health and fitness involves guided exercise and an easy-to-follow, “close-to-the- earth” diet. Both are designed for one singular goal: metabolic efficiency—to make you a better butter burner. But where do you start? How DO YOU construct a dietary program that addresses your unique personal physiology, genetics, lifestyle, and metabolism?

Our thorough understanding of the intricate synergistic relationship between nourishment, lifestyle, exercise and enhanced metabolic function, will result in a science based program that defines exactly how to fuel your body, and the exact calories you need to fuel your exercise.

With PHASE IV individualized programs and support, you will achieve your goals and realize the functional health you’ve always wanted!


At PHASE IV, we identify nutrition and hydration issues that will help you achieve your personal weight goals. Unlocking the mysteries of your personal physiology, and finding your resting metabolic rate and optimum fat burning exercise zones creates a perfect balance for prescription weight management. Our Nutritionist works closely with you and your exercise physiologist to create a daily weight management program for you based specifically on your own uniquely personal physiology, genetics and metabolism.

Your dietary intake will be analyzed for macro and micronutrient content. Deficiencies and excesses in your diet and exercise will be identified. You will receive personalized dietary guidelines specific to your needs based on your activity level, and a PHASE IV Nutritionist will review your progress and make necessary adjustments to your program.

We will define what you need to eat and when you need it based on the science of healthy nutrition and your activity level. We’ll help you understand the challenge of grocery shopping and meal planning, and help you identify the right food for you.

You will achieve sustainable weight management goals with PHASE IV science!


PHASE IV staff is a team of Physical Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, Nutritionists, and Functional Health Coaches who work directly with doctors who refer patients to us across the country because they know that we will do more for you than anyone else. We have the knowledge, experience, and skill set to evaluate and solve difficult physical, metabolic, and psychological barriers to performance in life and sport.

PHASE IV has conducted research in conjunction with the UCLA Geffen School of Medicine, The National Institute of Health and private label equipment manufacturers including Skechers. CEO Robert Forster, PT created and hosted Herbalife’s global health and fitness initiative 24 FIT, and has treated patients all over the world.

If your doctor prescribed PHASE IV to solve your diet and exercise issues, you’ve come to the right place. We can start today.