1. FORSTER PHYSICAL THERAPY Accepting Medicare Patients

Patient population expands into three generations.(PHASE-IV.COM)


2. The Mavericks’ Key to Keeping Players Fresh? Blood Samples

Dallas works with Orreco, a company that proposes individualized remedies to combat fatigue while trying to identify increased risk for injury and illness.(NEW YORK TIMES)


3. Mediterranean diet: How to start (and stay on) one of the world’s healthiest diets

A diet that’s good for healthy weight loss? Check. One that reduces the risk for diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke and some cancers? Check. A diet that strengthens bones, improves brain health and wards off dementia and depression? Check.(CNN)


4. Stand More, Lounge Less? Don’t Do It to Lose Weight

People burn more calories when they stand than when sitting or lying down, but the increase is smaller than many of us might hope.(NEW YORK TIMES)


5. The role of the ‘biome in insomnia, circadian disruption, and depression

“There is considerable evidence showing that the gut ‘biome not only affects the digestive, metabolic, and immune functions of the host but also regulates host sleep and mental states through the ‘biome-gut-brain axis… the ‘biome and inflammation may be linked to sleep loss, circadian misalignment, affective disorders, and metabolic disease.”(PATREON)

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