1. FORSTER PHYSICAL THERAPY Accepting Medicare Patients

Patient population expands into three generations.(PHASE-IV.COM)


2. Who is America rooting for in Super Bowl LIII? One map is showing a lot of Rams support

The 36 remaining states are all with the Rams, including states containing their division rivals. .(NBC SPORTS)


3. Drug overdose deaths among American women have more than tripled since 1999

For many decades, drugs of abuse were a menace that mostly threatened the lives of men. In 1999, fewer than 1 in 25,000 adult women in the United States died of a drug overdose, and childbirth was twice as deadly. (LA Times)


4. Facebook paid kids to download app that monitors their online activity

Following the TechCrunch report, Facebook said it was shutting down the app to Apple customers. .(LA TIMES)


5. Some of the coldest air in the world is descending on the Midwest

Chicago is looking at one of the coldest days in its history and, along with Minneapolis, will be colder than Alaska, Mount Everest and the McMurdo research station in Antarctica.(WASHINGTON POST)

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