Motivation and Purpose

When reflecting on what it is that keeps us from working towards our goals I am reminded of Newton’s first law of motion: “A body at rest tends to stay at rest, and a body in motion tends to stays in motion.”  Motivation is the key to maintaining an exercise routine and an active lifestyle. Finding a strong purpose for that exercise creates the sustainable activity level required for good health.

While Newton’s famous tenet of physics speaks to the physical force necessary to move our respective body weight, it seems to me there is a psychological truth to this statement as well.

When activity or exercise is regular it’s so much easier to physically and psychologically get up and move each day; whereas getting going again after a break from an active routine is so much more difficult.

The physical part of this has to do with the body’s natural inclination to stiffen, weaken, and atrophy with inactivity. Also, getting started means overcoming initial soreness and fatigue.

The psychological inertia, which is evident in the many excuses we make: time, expense, fear of injury, all require motivation and determination to get past. With a lack of a strong motivation, it’s nearly impossible to get back into the flow of an active lifestyle.

Some find their motivation to maintain an exercise routine in a poor health report card from their medical doctor, some by body image and what they see in the mirror;  but the strongest and most sustaining motivation to keep moving is fun!

If you enjoy your activity then weekly routines don’t feel like obligatory workouts. Whether you want to sign up for a bike tour, a local race with friends, a fun active adventure vacation, or learn to surf or hike the golf links in Scotland; when their is serious fun involved, most people stay the course of their active routine.

PHASE IV has three decades of experience helping people find the right balance of motivation and fun to make permanent lifestyle changes. Using sequential scientific analysis we are accountable for your improvements and will help you find the fun factor in your goals.

See the Event Schedule for a sampling of fun events we can help you prepare for.

This week PHASE IV Functional Health and Nutrition Specialist, Tina Paymaster, has some great tips to help you maintain your motivation and sustainable your activity level for life and for fun

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