Forster Physical Therapy

Forster Physical Therapy Voted Best in LA


Our Physical Therapy Staff have over 100 years of combined experience. We have successfully treated nearly every injury imaginable.Our rehabilitation programs have been honed over 35 years treating the general population and elite athletes alike. Our staff is experienced in solving difficult sports injuries and developing rehabilitation programs for all conditions.Our rehabilitation science progresses in four phases and is always exercise based; making the client an active participant in their rehabilitation process.

Our clinic offers:

  • Head to toe STRUCTURAL EXAM
  • Physical Therapy programs specializing in orthopedic and sport-related injuries, conditions of the spine, and post-surgical cases.
  • Exercise based Physical Therapy programs utilize the latest evidenced based, peer reviewed modalities and techniques.
  • Advanced Massage Technique
  • Run/Walk Lab: RUN AND WALK GAIT ANALYSIS, computer assisted video analysis for corrective mechanics, posture, ergonomic correction
  • Prescription Exercise and performance training techniques.
  • PHASE IV Metabolic and Structural training, Nutritional Testing and Daily Nutrition Plans
  • Injury prevention, and Advanced Fitness and Conditioning Coaching Plans.
  • Science Based Nutrition and Individualized Weight Loss Programs


Monday – Friday 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Saturday – 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM


Reduce Pain and inflammation with gradual increase of range of motion Comprehensive Exam performed by a Forster Physical Therapist Diagnosis and Develop Detailed Treatment Plan Work with or Without Health Insurance Plans Pain causes muscles to stay tight, sppasm, and contract resulting in loss of mobility and structural stability. Inflammation is the body’s chemical reaction to damaged cells. Swelling exerts pressure on surrounding tissues and causes further pain while constricting blood flow to adjacent healthy tissues. You must achieve pain free mobility before moving to PHASE II.


2-5 weeks of therapy in PHASE II will define and address the mechanical cause of your injury. The focus of treatment will improve your structural mechanics and function to improve your range of motion and and increase your strength At home rehabilitation prescription exercise and modalities are clearly defined and explained. You must achieve pain free mobility before moving to PHASE III.


4 – 6 WEEKS focus on re-strengthen and re-condition weak muscles and re-aligning anatomical structure. In PHASE III, you are building and strengthening bone and muscle, following mandatory home rehabilitation exercise prescription which may include icing. PHASE III requires disciplined compliance to exercise as symptoms are now under control. In PHASE III you are building a strong well aligned structure and changing ergonomic factors that contribute to pain and injury.


PHASE IV is a health and performance “think tank” offering more depth in assessment and instruction than any gym, or personal trainer. PHASE IV has been voted best in LA and has conducted studies for the National Institute of Health, and UCLA’s Geffen School of Medicine. PHASE IV performed the in-depth studies for Sketcher’s Performance walking and running shoes. The Forster’s Structure Program© is the foundation of every PHASE IV prescription exercise and fitness plan, and was created and designed by Robert Forster for Herbalife’s 24 Fit Global health initiative. PHASE IV is the genesis of Forster Training Systems© used at Forster Physical Therapy and Physical Therapy Clinics across the country. Considered the most scientific active rehabilitation and recovery program anywhere. With cutting edge technology, equipment, metabolic testing, and an excellence in clinical service, PHASE IV Certified Staff of Physical Therapists, Registered Dietitians, Exercise Physiologists, Licensed Coaches, and other specialists; work as a team with you and your physician, to create a comprehensive program to achieve your goals. With over thirty five years of experience, PHASE IV has created thousands of successful, sustainable, individualized weight management and training programs for people of all ages and abilities.
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