Strength Training for Cyclists

PEAKRIGHT© Comprehensive Strength Training FOR CYCLISTS

Periodization strength training breaks the training program into cycles (or periods) where fitness is developed in a scientifically rational sequence. After about six-to-eight weeks of the same activity the body becomes stronger and can handle the load without experiencing stress; performance will then fade if the exercise stimulus is not altered in such a way as to create new stress on the body, and peak hormone production again. Your PHASE IV team is using state-of-the-science training methods to set up your plan of Periodized Strength Training. Matching the requirements of your sport, you will be educated in proper strength development, stretching, warm up, cool down, and aggressive recovery techniques. The basic tenant of Periodization is that all exercise is futile, if rest and recovery periods are not provided. You will gain the knowledge of when to workout, and when to rest and recover to excel in your sport. In short, you will learn to utilize science to improve your strength and performance, while avoiding injury, and preserving your body. This carefully orchestrated program of progressive resistance exercises to strengthen the bigger muscle groups with and a routine that favors developing strength and not size, will positively impact your power to body weight ratio. This is a comprehensive science based strength training program of carefully chosen exercises that relate to building strength for running, impacting your performance, and achieving your running goals! LEARN MORE.


The purpose of the entire Periodization Training Program is to bring your power, speed, and conditioning to a peak for a given event or competition. Cycles of hard work and active recovery are orchestrated to build fitness throughout the training period; and when we reduce the workload, your fitness, power, and speed will skyrocket. This is the essence of periodization training, and it is the most neglected concept of exercise and fitness. In many sports speed is a critical requisite for success. Faster movement and times are achieved with mechanical efficiency to conserve energy, and by building power and speed. At PHASE IV your Power and Speed Training Performance Specialists will periodize your training into phases. This will build the proper foundation for a fitness pyramid that includes injury prevention, joint stability, core strength, endurance, and speed.


Working against water’s natural resistance makes for a healthier more balanced workout than is possible on land, with virtually no risk of damage to the body. For both exercise programs as well as rehabilitation, active recovery, and cross training, pool workouts build aerobic and anaerobic fitness, muscle strength and tone, flexibility, speed, good body alignment and agility. The PHASE IV Waterpower Performance Program© can be conducted either in our private facility, your home, or other location.



Honed over the last thirty five years in the results driven world of elite athletics, and every day with clients just like you, we know that the essential foundation of exercise is the FORSTER STRUCTURE PROGRAM© Strength and Flexibility Training. The vital component of fitness is healthy resilient joints and muscles, with increasing flexibility and strength to adapt to life, sport, and aging. Flexibility: During exercise our muscles shorten; therefore, the connective tissue must be stretched to maintain full range of motion and good posture. As we age, connective tissue naturally tightens and begins to lead to functional limitations. These limitations lead to altered mechanics of the joint and eventually joint wearing (Arthritis). It is the one aspect of aging we can reverse. Discover the safest and most effective stretching techniques to help you perform better, prevent injury, improve your range of motion, and aid in your recovery from exercise. In this video you will learn: • The safest and most effective stretches for each part of your body • How to incorporate a safe and effective stretching routine into your active lifestyle • The importance of stretching in developing healthy joints and muscles for life • How stretching aids in the recovery process and helps to prevent injury • The performance benefits of a proper stretching routine in sport and training • How stretching improves your range of motion, improving athletic performance