Performance Training Program for Runners

Comprehensive Performance Marathon Training

The marathon has remained the supreme endurance test for athletes since Pheidippides first ran 26.2 miles from Marathon to Athens in 490 BC. The reason for its lasting allure and why it remains a coveted accomplishment is because 26.2 miles challenges runners just beyond the physiological capacity of the average human. To complete this race in good form and perform up to your genetic potential as a runner you need a science based approach to your training.

At PHASE IV your marathon training program is based on your personal physiology as determined by proprietary Structural and Metabolic Analysis, and on the science of Periodization Training; which has been proven to be the most effective training technique in the world. With PHASE IV PEAKRIGHT© periodization training, all of your workouts are tailored to your biology and designed to maximize all your training efforts. This program will build on your strengths and shore up your weaknesses for injury free, peak performance. You will learn when to train and when to rest, how to progress your runs, and how to support your efforts with sound nutrition and advanced recovery techniques.


The half marathon is the fastest growing event in distance running today. The 13.1 mile race is well within the the physical capacity of most runners and represents a manageable time commitment for training.

The Phase IV team will guide you through a Periodization training schedule based on your personal physiology to assure all your workouts are 100% productive. You will learn when to train and when to rest, how to progress your runs and how to support your efforts with sound nutrition and advanced recovery techniques.


Maybe you are training for your first race; maybe you want to run the fastest 5k or 10k possible, or maybe you want to register for a race to give focus to your weekly training. To achieve your goal with no wasted effort and to minimize your chance of injury, Phase IV has the expertise to get you there! We have helped newbies and seasoned veteran runners alike reach their goals with a science based approach to training, nutrition and recovery. This daily coaching and training program will progress your fitness while allowing for adequate recovery and the prevention of running injuries.


The PHASE IV Comprehensive MARATHON PERFORMANCE Package draws on 35 years of experience helping runners of all ages and abilities achieve injury free peak performance. If you want to achieve your highest genetic potential as a runner and set a new PR, or if you have hit a roadblock because repeated injuries interrupt your training, the solution begins with PHASE IV.

Our Comprehensive Marathon Performance Package is the most complete periodized science based training program available anywhere. This program uses scientific analysis to unlock the intricacies or your personal physiology and replaces the guess work that characterizes most generic coaching programs. Through an extensive interview process, we will analyze your current fitness, strengths, and weaknesses including flexibility, joint stability, alignment and running mechanics, as well as nutrition and recovery strategies. From this data your team of exercise physiologists and physical therapists will construct and guide you through a comprehensive periodized coaching/training program tailored to your personal physiology and genetic make up.