Phase-IV Total Body Strength & Flexibility Class with Michèle Assaf


Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 – 10:00 AM PST
n the FPT Virtual Zoom Account)

Classes begin February 2, 2021 – FPT Zoom link will be sent to you by email after you register. 

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Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 – 10:00 AM PST (on the FPT Virtual Zoom Account)
Classes begin February 2, 2021 – FPT Zoom link will be sent to you after you register by email. (30 minutes Active-Isolated Stretch and 30 minutes FTS Quad Loop Strength) Michèle is a Tony nominated choreographer and Master Dance Coach to some of the most accomplished performers on stage, screen and the music scene today. She has a 40 year career in performance, directing and building some of the most iconic physiques in entertainment. 
  • Featuring the exclusive FTS Quad Loop Resistance Band
  • and the Active-Isolated Flexibility Rope
30+ Resisted SMART Movements in a 60 minute total body strength and flexibility workout that will burn calories, build strength, improve tone, flexibility and posture while protecting your joints. The proprietary rubber compound in the FTS Quad Loop provides a smooth continuous resistance through the functional movement patterns that will leave you feeling great every time. Great for injury prevention, building strength, sports training and improved balance and agility. Benefits of FTS Quad Loop Workout : 
  • One piece of equipment for 30+ resisted movements in an efficient 30 minute total body strength class
  • Portable FTS Quad Loop is your personal gym where ever you go
  • Provides Progressive Resistance to Build Strength
  • Provides Constant Muscle Tension for muscle growth
  • Will Optimum Joint Mechanics
  • Builds BALANCE via Joint Stability
  • Improves posture and joint health targeting “Posterior Chain” muscles
  • Adaptable to any environment
  • Perfect for Time Crunched Workouts
Benefits of the Active-Isolated Flexibility Workout : Join Michèle as she takes you through a series of isolated stretches utilizing contract/relax techniques to lengthen the connective tissue and achieve full range of motion for each joint. You will enjoy better freedom of movement, improved joint alignment and better posture. You will move better, recover quicker and perform your activities more easily while avoiding injury. Michèle will give expert instruction on all the exercises and how to use the rope to isolate each muscle group. She will lead you through a total body Active-Isolated Flexibility class in preparation for the FTS loop strength work. In this class you will improve your performance, increase flexibility and prevent injury… your tools to longevity.