ONE FREE CLASS with the purchase of FTS Quad Loop and the Active-Isolated Flexibility Rope


Purchase both these items together and get one FREE FTS Total Body Zoom Class with Michèle Assaf.

If you just want the loops or the rope or the classes separately, search in the store.

SAVE : $30



The proprietary rubber compound in the FTS Quad Loop provides a smooth continuous resistance through the functional movement patterns that will leave you feeling great every time. Great for injury prevention, building strength, sports training and improved balance and agility. Benefits of FTS Quad Loop Workout : 
    • One piece of equipment for 30+ resisted movements in an efficient 30 minute total body strength workout
    • Portable FTS Quad Loop is your personal gym wherever you go
    • Provides Constant Muscle Tension for muscle growth
    • Optimizes Joint Mechanics
    • Builds BALANCE via Joint Stability
    • Improves posture and joint health
    • Targets “Posterior Chain” muscles
Active-Isolated Flexibility rope is used in a technique of stretching in which we pinpoint, isolate and stretch each individual muscle group to help you perform at your highest potential.