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FTS Quad Loop Resistance BAND

FTS had made the perfect exercise tool for squeezing in a little exercise at home, the office or when traveling. Their flexible shape and small size allows use anytime, anywhere with no trouble. The quad loop design allows full body tension increasing stabilization and resistance making short exercise sessions most effective. A SIMPLE WAY TO MOVE MORE DAILY: Burn calories with every use Build and strengthen muscles Relieve stress at home, the office, traveling Easy to pack and great for a busy schedule Available in three levels of resistance: soft, medium, and hard

Quad Loop Workout VIDEO

Benefits of FTS Loop Workout 

  • This total body workout was designed through the collaboration of Sports Physical Therapist, Robert Forster, PT and world renowned dance choreographer and stage director, Michèle Assaf, to provide the most functional and easy to use strength program anywhere. 
  • FTS resistance loops workout strengthens muscles and stimulates your metabolism to burn more calories with every use. 
  • FTS variable resistance bands are safe and easy to use for large and small muscles 
  • Each movement is designed to improve posture, joint alignment and create healthy movement patterns 
  • Requires little space and only the FTS Resistance Loops for a great at home workout.