Full Season Strength Program


The Full Season Strength Program is available only at PHASE IV Scientific Health and Performance Center and is delivered by PHASE IV Certified Exercise Physiologists and Physical Therapists. The program includes a head to toe Structural Exam by a Physical Therapist, it includes prescription exercises to address imbalances, weaknesses, past injuries, and pain, and a complete daily exercise training schedule plus 4 individual training sessions with our professional staff.

PHASE IV is located at 1544 20th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404 310-582-8212


This program will bring your fitness to a peak as you progress through phases of Periodization training. Following your head-to-toe Structural Exam performed by a Physical Therapist, you will receive a personalized training program and four personal training sessions to instruct you in core strength, posture exercises, weight training, stretching, and plyometric exercises specific to each phase. You will also receive the necessary materials to perform each workout at your home or personal gym or you may opt to work out with one of our trainers at PHASE IV.