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What is your gut microbiome? It’s the symbiotic relationship of the organisms that live in your gut and rely on for good health.  We like to refer to them as your pet bacteria, and how well you feed them is critical to weight management, disease protection, vitality, and your physical and emotional well being. How DO YOU construct a dietary program that addresses your unique gut microbiome? Our goal at PHASE IV is to help you understand why you will benefit from a healthy gut microbiome, and how to reset your biome through nutrition.  This digital curriculum will help you shift your nutrition plan to include foods and eating habits in your daily menu that will literally, RESET your GUT; complete with meal plans, recipes, and grocery lists, taking all of the guess work out of planning your menu. Your purchase includes a free nutrition consultation at PHASE IV.  Please call to schedule:  310-582-8212.  Ask for Shelby or Chelsea.