“The thing about Bob is that he has a really deep knowledge of the science of training and nutrition and exercise physiology,” said Jake Winebaum, 45, who has competed with Forster in the TransAlp Challenge and World’s Toughest Mountain Bike Race. “He’s also very funny and entertaining to be around. Many times on those long grueling rides, he has a way of providing comic relief. I get those benefits as a friend, but I also use his services. Whenever I get hurt, he heals me.”

Dear LAtri clubbers,

Training for my first Ironman (Louisville KY) I was plagued with injuries. So to make my training injury free for my next Ironman (Hainan Island, Haikou China) I had a structural exam and appraisal by Robert Forster (Phase IV). Robert (Bob) was very good at pointing out my muscle imbalances and potentials for injury. Bob prescribed a stretching and weight program that addressed my issues. My major issues: Rotator cuff, impingement syndrome, right shoulder Left leg functionally longer than my right Left leg weaker than the right Freakishly weak left ankle. Bob understands that I am training for an Ironman so he designed a program that fits in with my IM schedule so I don’t have problems with my weight program being out of sync with my IM training i.e. having my weight program peaking when I should be tapering for a race. Since Bob knew about my issues, I had an exceptionally good bike fit (ERGO-POWER PLUS). Bob hooked me up to a computrainer that gave a picture of my pedal stroke. I was supposed to have a round circle but I had the classic dumb bell shape. Bob adjusted the position of my cleats and the height of my seat, for my leg length discrepancy he cut out a cork insole and placed it in my left shoe and I was able to improve my pedal stroke dramatically. Bob doesn’t sell bicycle parts but he has the uncanny ability to give you accurate specifications for any part he recommends. I have been on Phase IV stretching and weight program for 5 months, my left leg and ankle are feeling much stronger and my right shoulder doesn’t hurt when I swim. My bike has been adjusted to my imperfect biomechanics making my chronic injuries disappear. With 12 weeks until race day, my training has been injury free and much more enjoyable. Sincerely, Steven Chiamori

Dear Mr. Forster,

I greatly appreciate the help and consideration you and your crew gave me last year and early 2005. There is no doubt the help facilitated my whiplash recovery and being walking distance to you from my bus and home truly saved me. Claudia is awesome, Bill was so patient, Rich and al the other financial and admin folks were so supportive. Thank you all so much. Sincerely yours, Carol R.

Dear Ron,

It is impossible to express proper regard and appreciation for the gift you have given me. That gift is being able to run through, as you know, a very painful and debilitating fascia injury, which YOU made possible. Ahhh, to finally have answers to all of my hamstring challenges! It is with a huge sigh of relief that your expert evaluation and treatment has given me hope that I can run, hopefully pain-free and fast again! During this entire hamstring fiasco, you were more than my therapist; You were my coach, my confidant, my true inspiration for moving forward. Through the extensive strength training, stretching and modified running program, complete with lots of cross-training and plastic ice baggies, you guided me, transformed me, from a broken, injured soul, to the strong, capable athlete that I am. There are no words to let you know just what all this means to me. However, please know that I am eternally grateful. I can’t even tell you how motivated, how appreciative, how awesome I feel to have you in my life. THANK YOU for giving me a competitive Cross-Country (XC) season, one in which I finished 13th in the country in the National Master’s XC Championship and “The Janes” repeated as National XC Team Champions! It was certainly a season I never thought possible. You were the reason I was able to compete at all, you are the reason I will continue to be a competitor no matter the obstacles. If ever it seems that you have not transcended the bonds of common physical therapy, just know that most people cannot reciprocate their hearts and passion as you do. Most people do not have the expertise, the care, the generosity that you possess. Ron, you are truly extraordinary! Like in the quote below, you do for others what no one can. Thank you for everything. I love you more than I can say. With complete love and gratitude, Jeaney G.

“After a tough beginning to the cross-country season…

…full of injuries and health issues, Marina, my 15-year-old daughter, needed someone to put her back together. We were referred to Phase IV and after the initial evaluation, the staff provided Marina with a program that was easy to follow and fit into her high school track schedule. Marina’s program included diet, strengthening, stretching, and form. Marina learned to use her heart rate as a guide for her training and ultimately ran injury-free in the 1600m, 800m, and 4X400 relay. She not only ran her personal best in track but also is leaving track healthy and looking forward to being the newly appointed cross-country team captain in the Fall.” Lisa MacDonald – Mother of Marina Praet, 15, PHASE IV Athlete and Success Story

“One of the deepest secrets of life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others.” – Lewis Carroll


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