Unlike any typical gym, at PHASE IV Physical Therapists oversee all personal training sessions. Training experiences are supportive, effective, educational, and safe. Data collected from your Structural Examination, Consultation, and other assessments is utilized to customize your periodized Prescription fitness, conditioning, strength, and metabolic program; and every session is executed together with your PHASE IV certified exercise physiologist. Every Personal Training Session is designed to bring your fitness to a peak and meet your goals for health and sport. This is what PHASE IV does better than any one else; and why discerning coaches and clients continue to turn to PHASE IV to create prescription training programs for their world class athletes as well as recreational competitors, and anyone who believes fitness is a priority in their life.


PHASE IV Health & Performance Center is dedicated to improving the health and lifestyle of people of all ages. Our philosophy and expertise is rooted in science. We utilize scientific evaluation techniques, state-of-the-science training protocols, and proven nutritional guidance to provide sustainable weight management solutions based on facts. based on facts, not opinions or fads. Over the past 35 years we have provided comprehensive nutrition and fitness plans to the world’s most accomplished athletes; and we apply the same scientific principles to create an individualized program of exercise and diet to empower you to lose unwanted pounds, play in the yard with your grandkids, run that marathon you always wanted, qualify for the Ironman World Championships, become a scratch golfer, or manage your health risks. No matter your age, abilities or goals, PHASE IV is dedicated to helping you acquire the healthy lifestyle you’ve always desired, and the personal weight goals and ideal performance by unlocking the mysteries of your personal physiology, and finding your optimum fat burning exercise zones. The perfect balance of training and exercise, recovery, and nutrition, is a science. Science-based heart rate prescriptions are based on your metabolic testing results. Using your testing results, we will design a weight management program for you based specifically on your own uniquely personal physiology, genetics and metabolism. Your dietary intake will be analyzed for macro and micronutrient content. Deficiencies and excesses in your diet and exercise will be identified. You will receive personalized dietary guidelines specific to your needs based on your activity level, and a PHASE IV registered dietitian will review your progress and make necessary adjustments to your program. We will define what you need to eat and when you need it based on the science of healthy nutrition and your activity level. Learn how to achieve sustainable weight management goals with PHASE IV science!


Whether you are training for a sport or just to optimize your fitness, PHASE IV Exercise physiologists and Physical Therapists are focused and passionate about your goals. Our team will create a detailed and personalized daily Periodization training plan to peak your fitness while protecting your health. Your journey to peak fitness begins with a personal consultation to establish your goals, review your training history, assess strengths, weaknesses, and previous injuries.  Your daily fitness program will take the guess work out of your training and nutrition plan and teach you advanced recovery strategies to put you in control of your health and fitness programming.


Intense training schedules, pressures to be the best, and painful even fatal injuries prevent more than 3.5 million student athletes under age 15 from reaching their personal goals. PHASE IV is the leader in scientific health and fitness training programs for adolescents. Our programs are overseen by Physical Therapists, Exercise Physiologists & Credentialed Coaches. We utilize the most advanced scientific training technologies to gain an ethical performance edge. For more than 35 years our programs have provided students the critical foundation for all Jr. High School, High School, and NCAA sports programs. PHASE IV Fitness Academy for 13-18 Year olds is open to all skill levels:
  • •Builds strong bodies protected from injury
  • •Age-appropriate strength, flexibility, nutrition and cardio program to build the necessary foundation in core strength, joint stability, flexibility, power and speed applicable to all sports
  • •Proven to protect against injury, improves posture and performance
  • •Sports-specific Periodization training programs
  • •Nutrition programs A Sports Nutritionist will guide each athlete on how to properly fuel for their training and competitions
  • •Every student athlete in an individual program is evaluated by a Physical Therapist before being instructed in exercises

Osteoporosis and Joint Health

Joint health is critical for long term health and your ability to stay active throughout life.  Has your doctor prescribed exercise to improve bone density or treat arthritis?  Where do you start? What kind of exercise is safe for you?At PHASE IV we provide science-based prescriptive exercise programs to manage bone and joint problems. The PHASE IV team of Licensed Physical Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, Registered Dietitians and Performance Specialists work with you and your doctor to develop the comprehensive and sustainable lifestyle adjustment you need to address your issues and allow you to do the things you like, pain free! Our approach is based on science, not fads. Over the past 35 years we have worked with thousands of clients  with orthopedic problems to find the most effective strategies to keep you moving. We will assess your joint and bone issues and prescribe safe and effective strength and flexibility exercises to improve joint function and bone density, and develop effective recovery strategies to manage pain and inflammation.

Women’s Weight Training Class

If you are looking to increase your metabolism and strength while getting lean and toned, you need to weight train! Lean muscle burns more calories so if you want to decrease body fat, perform better, train for an event or just look & feel great, this class is for you!!!About the Class : For women of all ages and abilities who want a total body workout designed to increase muscular strength and speed up your metabolism. The class follows PHASE IV fitness progression developed by Robert Forster PT, who has over 35 years experience working with female athletes of all abilities. It’s a fun, energetic, group workout with fantastic music alongside other like-minded women, that will alleviate stress and leave you feeling great! This class is designed to train your body properly through scientific principles, so you don’t have to do any thinking….Just SHOW UP and HAVE FUN!


This full season strength and conditioning program will bring your fitness to a peak as you progress through the phases of Periodization Training. You will receive a Structural Examination performed by a Physical Therapist and four monthly personal training sessions to teach each of the four periodization phases:  Joint Stability, Max Strength, Power, Speed or Strength Endurance depending on your goals.  The program includes state of the science core stability training, posture and flexibility exercises, and power training to peak your fitness and meet your health and fitness goals.


Scientific metabolic testing is the foundation of exercise and nutrition cience. This testing lets us see what is happening inside your body during exercise, and at rest. From this data we create accurate heart-rate training zones and nutritional guidance to assure all your workouts are fueled properly and 100% productivie with no wasted efforts. As exercise intensity increases so does your heart rate. As your heart rate increases your body’s preferred energy source shifts from primarily burning fat to burning carbohydrate. By training in the proper zone you will teach your body to burn more fat and less carbohydrate, lowering lactic acid levels, cortisol, and fatigue. Proper heart rate training replaces random workouts and is essential to optimizing the effort/reward ratio of your training. Only VO2 testing provides the precise exercise heart rate zones you need to improve your performance and health while achieve your ideal body weight.