Ergonomic Chair


Price: $350

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Ergonomics is the study of how our bodies interact with the physical world. Ergonomic stress accumulates in predictable parts of the body when we cannot, or do not assume the correct posture and joint alignment for our activities and sedentary postures as well. Sitting for extended periods is one of the most physically taxing postures as we fight to keep our body erect under the relentless forces of gravity. Back and neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain and wrist and arm pain are often the result of poor sitting posture. The proper chair must support your lower (lumbar) spine in the natural arch that is present in standing. For this to be accomplished the chair has to have a substantial lumbar support and a chair back that is not too high and is fixed so it back doesn’t hinge backwards when you sit back. This chair has been chosen because the height is adjustable the lumbar support is adjustable and does not recline when you are siting. It’s is light weight and durable.