Healthy Metabolism Program


Tune up your metabolic health!


Whether your goal is to prepare for a major life event, run the LA Marathon, shed sudden weight gain, or prepare for an active and healthy 2020; this is the time of year to focus all your exercise and nutrition efforts on developing a healthy metabolism. Your metabolism is the sum of all the processes that turn the calories you consume into energy that powers your body.  Your metabolism is what drives your body to burn calories. Whether your genetically programed with a slow or fast metabolism is what most often makes the difference between thin or heavy people. However; with a science based approach to nutrition and exercise, everyone can shift their metabolism into overdrive and manage their weight in a healthy way, irregardless of genetic pre-disposition. No fads or gimmicks; this is science. At PHASE IV, an individualized weight management program develops efficient and robust metabolisms that burn fat 24/7! Program Includes:
  • 3 Day Food Diary Analysis
  • Comprehensive Nutrition and Lifestyle Questionnaires
  • (2) Body Comp Exams – 2nd after 12 weeks
  • (1) RMR Analysis
  • Daily caloric/macronutrient recommendations
  • 3-5 day meal plan
  • 60 minute in person program review
  • Program update at 12 weeks
  • Regularly $499 Now thru January 2021 $399