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  • Aerobic Exercise: Top 5 Reasons to Get Physical!

    Aerobic Exercise: Top 5 Reasons to Get Physical! By Shelby Stoner, MS, PHASE IV Exercise Physiologist Aerobic exercise, commonly known as “cardio,” is exercise that requires the delivery of oxygen
  • 3 Weeks To Mont Ventoux: Part 3

    By Ron Berry P.T., PHASE IV Director of Rehab Services Part 1: 3 Months to Mont Ventoux Part 2: 2 Months to Mont Ventoux Part 3: 3 Weeks to Mont Ventoux Bicycling has long been a passion of mine. From

    Motivation and Purpose When reflecting on what it is that keeps us from working towards our goals I am reminded of Newton’s first law of motion: “A body at rest tends to stay at rest, and
  • The Science to Staying Motivated

    Want to stay motivated all year long? Do this… The new year is the perfect time to let go of the old and ring in the new.  After overindulging at holiday parties, traveling, missing out on your

    With one leg and an iron will, Brett Wolfe sets himself apart from biking pack by Kristin Dizon, Seattle Post Intelligence SQUAMISH B.C. — Coated with a thin layer of dust and a trickle of blood