By Ron Berry, Master Physical Therapist

As your snowy holiday vacations fade to memory, and you begin to formulate plans for next season’s trip, why not consider an active spring or summer adventure or expedition? Planning ahead for an active vacation serves as motivation to get fit, stay fit, and reach personal goals too! I suggest a multi day bike tour sponsored by InGamba as a great active adventure vacation to look forward to.


Our friends at put on fantastic multi day trips in California and Europe! These great experiences are designed for recreational as well as experienced cyclists. Their trips typically involve 5-6 days of bike rides guided by one or more entertaining former pro bike racers. Ride days are supported by a massage therapist to aide in recovery; and a mechanic also follows along in a comfortable van to assist as needed. All inclusive excursions are also a great way to literally elevate your health and fitness to altitudes and vistas rarely seen by travelers. You will also receive a complete cycling kit as well as an opportunity to ride, top of the line, Pinarello bicyles. Typically, the whole time is spent at one hotel or Italian villa while exploring the surrounding region with daily bike rides that include fueling up with the local cuisine. One of InGamba’s mantras is, “Mangia, beve, bici!” – eat, drink, ride: fine priorities to have for a week.

Upcoming InGamba trip highlights include Chianti Classicos to discover Tuscany, following the Giro d’ Italia in late May, a week in Provence topped off by climbing Mont Ventoux in July. (please read my 4 part series on Climbing Mont Ventoux ) L’Eroica in September which is a celebration of vintage cycling, as well as trips to Sardinia, Catalonia, and the undiscovered paradise of northern Portugal. Closer to home and coming up soon, InGamba has a trip, February 21-25 around Paso Robles, that is bound to be remarkable in its’ appreciation of the rolling hills that spill into wine and the taste of Central California. If you need to look farther ahead, there is a trip in Napa and Sonoma in late October that might be a great opportunity to appreciate one’s fitness from a full summer of riding.


Although the InGamba trips are fully supported, non competitive adventures; it is always better to be as fit as one can be before going on an active adventures like these. That’s where PHASE IV can be of assistance: We will create a program based on a physical therapist’s structural examination in which we make sure you have the strength and flexibility to enjoy all your riding days. The PHASE IV daily metabolic training program takes all the guess work out of your training and exercise schedule. The foundation of every PHASE IV training plan is a VO2 analysis. The results of this analysis define your unique starting point, something no other test can give you. Building on the early efficiency of your metabolic system creates injury free endurance that is sustainable over several days of exercise. When you safely train for endurance and a physiology peaked for efficiently using fat for fuel, you naturally keep fatigue at bay.

PHASE IV bike fit by physical therapist, Bob Forster, will position you to efficiently stroke on the bike as well as reduce the discomfort of soreness and injury due to improper bike fit and technique. Your PHASE IV nutrition plan is the essential piece of the periodization training pie. Fueling properly for your riding sessions as well as your other daily activities can be a daunting task, and one that can make or break your ability to reach your goals. Take all the guesswork out of your daily nutrition requirements, and spend less time wondering, “What do I eat now?”


There is nothing like having a goal 3 months ahead on the horizon to prepare for and motivate you to focus on training and optimize your time and performance.

If you are a recreational rider who feels that riding 30-50 miles a day, 6 days in a row, is an achievable accomplishment; then planning that multi day bike trip, and creating a training and nutrition program to accomplish that goal can be enriching and motivational. With a good training plan the gains become so evident that it’s self motivating and progressively more enjoyable. And, the vacation will be so much more fun and rewarding when you feel your fitness giving you strength and health every hour spent on your bike.

If you are an experienced cyclist and want to really meet the challenge of an iconic climb like Mt. Ventoux, Col du Tourmalet, or the Stelvio, while firing on all cylinders, PHASE IV Enduro training programs can help you achieve that goal. Based on the Structural Examination and the VO2 analysis, the specific coaching will peak you for your challenge so that you maximize your enjoyment. Great memories and pride in your achievement will last a lifetime.

PHASE IV and InGamba

The team at PHASE IV has appreciated meeting Joao Correia, the founder of InGamba and various members of their team/family. Their style and appreciation of quality is obvious. If readers of our newsletter are interested in InGamba trips feel free to explore the website individually or contact us at PHASE IV, and get on the planning list for a possible PHASE IV/ InGamba trip later in the summer.

Enjoy your fitness, ride safe, mangia, beve, bici.

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