Health News You Need To Know: September 4, 2018

1. Clear skin doesn’t come out of a bottle

New research is pointing towards a healthy gut as the solution for acne prone skin. In fact, more and more dermatologist are “prescribing” healthy diets and make-up artists have started to recommend probiotics to maintain clear, glowing skin. (NYT)


2. Low carb diets not beneficial if high in animal products

Recent studies have shown diets too high or too low in carbs are dangerous for health. A new study published in The Lancet found that low carb dieters who relied on protein from animal sources had higher incidences of diseases such as cancer and and cardiovascular disease compared to low carb dieters who consumed plant-based sources of protein. (ScienceDaily)  

3. Sugar may not be as harmful if eaten earlier in the day

A new study out of Nagoya University revealed that “restricting the consumption of a high-sucrose diet in rats to the part of the day when they are active avoids many of the deleterious effects of excess sugar on the body.” These findings could prove to be extremely beneficial in the battle against obesity and metabolic diseases. (ScienceDaily)  

4. Obesity reduces the ability to gain muscle after resistance training

A study out of the University of Illinois found that young adults classified as obese were not able to build muscle as much as young adults of a healthier weight. (ScienceDaily)
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