Our programs have been honed over 35 years in the results driven world of elite athletics, and with thousands of athletes who have chosen our science based approach to achieving complex performance goals. PHASE IV offers the most comprehensive science based training and nutrition programs available anywhere! We make you better, and keep you healthy and competing longer. If you are interested in improving your performance, and preventing injury, we will design a periodized daily training plan for you, complete with nutritional optimization, as well as strength and flexibility training. Pictured here is CEO Robert Forster, PT and Florence Griffith Joyner “Flo-Jo” The fastest sprinter of all time.

Heart Rate Training Programs

At PHASE IV our team of experts assess and train athletes in two broad areas of athletic performance: structural preparedness and metabolic energy production. The ability to produce energy efficiently to meet the demands of your sport is paramount for success. At PHASE IV we utilize scientific data culled from physiological assessments including the most accurate RMR and VO2 testing anywhere. From these results we create a customized measurable Periodization Heart Rate Training Plan, and it has consistently produced the best athletic performances across all sports for the past thirty-five years!

Our Online programs are based on a metabolic score.

With the best science available, we will guide you through a unique process you can do at home or at your gym to produce the necessary information we need to bio-hack your physiological profile. With this critical information we will create your periodized heart rate training program, and build the most efficient personalized program to make all your workouts 100% productive toward your goals.

Run Training for Conditioning

The PHASE IV Running Package draws on Forster’s expertise that spans 9 Olympic Games. Helping athletes achieve injury free peak performance and aerobic conditioning is PHASE IV’s mission.

The PHASE IV Running Package is the most complete science based training program available anywhere. This program uses scientific analysis to unlock the intricacies of personal physiology, and replaces the guesswork that characterizes most generic coaching programs.

We will first analyze the aspects of healthy running: your current fitness, strength and weaknesses including flexibility, functional joint stability, and alignment, running mechanics, nutrition, and recovery strategies. From this data your team of exercise physiologists and physical therapists will construct and guide you through a comprehensive running program tailored to optimize your genetic potential. Pictured here is PHASE IV athlete Allyson Felix crossing the 200m finish line to win Gold in the London Olympic Games.

Periodized Strength Training

Periodization strength training breaks the training program into cycles (or periods) where fitness is developed in a scientifically rational sequence.

After about six-to-eight weeks of the same activity the body becomes stronger and can handle the load without experiencing stress; performance will then fade if the exercise stimulus is not altered in such a way as to create new stress on the body, and peak hormone production again.

Your PHASE IV team is using state-of-the-science training methods to set up your plan of Periodized Strength Training. Matching the requirements of your sport, you will be educated in proper strength development, stretching, warm up, cool down, and aggressive recovery techniques. Pictured here is PHASE IV athlete World Racing Champion Rebecca Rusch, who credits Forster for “teaching her body how to ride her bike.”


The purpose of the entire Periodization Training Program is to bring your power, speed, and conditioning to a peak for a given event or competition. Cycles of hard work and active recovery are orchestrated to build fitness throughout the training period; and when we reduce the workload, your fitness, power, and speed will skyrocket. This is the essence of periodization training, and it is the most neglected concept of exercise and fitness.

In many sports speed is a critical requisite for success. Faster movement and times are achieved with mechanical efficiency to conserve energy, and by building power and speed.

At PHASE IV your Power and Speed Training Performance Specialists will periodize your training into phases. This will build the proper foundation for a fitness pyramid that includes injury prevention, functional joint stability, core strength, endurance, power, and speed.

Pictured here is PHASE IV ATHLETE, ALLYSON FELIX, The most decorated World Champion and female Olympic Champion of all time.


Working against water’s natural resistance makes for a healthier more balanced workout than is possible on land, with virtually no risk of damage to the body. For both exercise programs as well as rehabilitation, active recovery, and cross training, pool workouts build aerobic and anaerobic fitness, muscle strength and tone, flexibility, speed, good body alignment and agility.

The PHASE IV Waterpower Performance Program© can be done at your private facility, your home, or other location.

Pictured here is the United States most decorated World Champion, Allyson Felix with CEO Robert Forster, PT at Forster Physical Therapy pool in Santa Monica, California. Allyson rehabbed a severe ankle injury that occurred just weeks before the Olympic Trials.

Like so many others before her, Allyson emerged from Forster’s WATERPOWER© workouts to post a world record in the 2016 Olympic trials. She advanced to Rio for her 4th Olympic Games; and surpassed Jackie Joyner Kersee, as the winningest female in USA Olympic history.



The Complete Forster Structure Program© is the foundation of all of our personal training and exercise programs. The Forster Structure Program will bring your fitness to a peak as you progress through the comprehensive phases of Periodization training.

This program will start by providing the basic stretching and strengthening exercises required to prevent injury and provide the structural essentials to remain healthy and maintain joint function and stability. This will lead to efficiency and injury prevention for sport and general health.

Pictured here is PHASE IV athlete, World Greco Roman Wrestling Champion, and two time MMA World Champion, Joe Warren, the Forster Training Systems Athlete of the year.


Our training programs are based on your particular needs as gleaned from a thorough online consultation. The result is a carefully instructed and monitored personal training program that addresses your personal issues and vulnerabilities with only the safest, most effective exercises, handpicked for their efficacy with minimal risk of injury.

Pictured here is Olympic Gymnast, Steve McCain with CEO Robert Forster, PT .