Can Stimulating the Brain Treat Chronic Pain?

For the first time, researchers have shown they could target one brain region with a weak alternating current of electricity, enhance the naturally occurring brain rhythms of that region, and significantly decrease symptoms associated with chronic lower back pain. Science Daily

Breathing Fire: Health Is a Casualty of California’s Climate-Fueled Blazes


Small fires used to burn regularly through the understories of the Sierra Nevada’s forests, started by lightning and native tribes. That changed after the Native Americans were forced from the mountain range, followed by more than a century of logging and aggressive firefighting. Those activities replaced stands of large, fire-resistant trees with thickets of smaller ones, building up fuel for enormous blazes. Climate Central

Scientists Solve Centuries-Old Neuroscience Mystery Leading too Epilepsy Treatment

“We need new approaches to treat epilepsy. I think this could be an effective way to control seizures,” Sontheimer said. “And we solved a 125-year-old neuroscience mystery! This is what basic science is all about—keeping an open and observant mind to answer questions old and new.” Medical Express

Eye Contact Reduces Lying

A new study from the University of Tampere found that eye contact can make us act more honestly. Science Daily

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