Through their work with elite athletes, Olympic gold medalists, some of the best coaches and most respected strength, conditioning, and nutrition experts in the world: PHASE IV’s staff has seen and studied first-hand the most successful programs in existence. This is how we learned and embraced The Principles of Periodization.

These Principles are scientifically proven to not only achieve results for world-class athletes, but also for anyone who desires to improve their health.

Periodization training programs are significantly more effective than non-periodized programs; research has proven that the natural development of strength, power, speed, and endurance reduces performance injuries and is the critical difference between winning, losing, and achieving complex goals.

In the early 1950s the Eastern bloc sports scientists sought to develop world-dominating Olympic athletes by artificially manipulating natural occurring hormones. Periodization principles are the result of optimizing natural occurring hormone surges, and providing periods of recovery, where fitness gains are realized.

When training and exercise programs are anchored in periodization principles, fitness and health as well as injury prevention elevate performance naturally. This pure and powerful training model is now the most widely utilized science among professional and elite athletes.

PHASE IV provides a comprehensive approach to your individual life, health, and fitness needs by combining Periodization Principles with individualized structural and metabolic development, as well as functional health coaching, and Nutrition optimization.