Tune Up Your Metabolic Health

Whether your goal is to prepare for swim suit season, run in a mud run or Spring 5K, shed the winter weight gain, or prepare for an active and healthy 2018; this is the time of year to focus all your exercise and nutrition efforts on developing a healthy metabolism.

Your metabolism is the sum of all the processes that turn the calories you consume into energy that powers your body.  Your metabolism is what drives your body to burn calories. Whether your genetically programed with a slow or fast metabolism is what most often makes the difference between thin or heavy people.

However; with a science based approach to nutrition and exercise, everyone can shift their metabolism into overdrive and manage their weight in a healthy way, irregardless of genetic pre-disposition. No fads or gimmicks. This is sports science. At PHASE IV, athletes and weight management clients’ programs develop efficient and robust metabolisms.

We help professional athletes manage their weight for weight class specific competitions in Olympic wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and for jockeys in horse racing, and we use this same science to help recreational athletes and the general public achieve their optimal body weight too. We do this by concentrating their workouts in the most productive heart rate zones for weight loss, and helping them create a nutrition plan to fuel those workouts.

Success does does not lie in high intensity interval workouts or starvation diets, its quite the opposite. Low intensity exercise and a constant flow of the right mix of calories into your body is what creates a robust metabolism that burns more calories all day long. 

If you are exercising regularly, its time to make those activities 100% productive. If you have trouble maintaining a workout plan, it’s not be your fault, its the wrong plan for you.

We create exercise plans based on how your body adapts to the stress of your workouts; and we build on that progress with the same principles we use to train elite athletes.  We eliminate the possibility of nagging injuries, boredom, and plateaus by applying sports science to the achievement of personal goals.  We do more for you than anyone else, and that is why doctors recommend PHASE IV for weight management.  

Now is the time to “LEAN OUT” and get your metabolism tuned up for Spring with special offerings from PHASE IV: