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By Robert Forster, PT

Robert Forster, CEO & Founder of PHASE IV and Forster Physical Therapy founded the Global Herbalife fitness program 24 FIT using the very science that has made Robert so successful. Whether you’re 9 or 90, abundant evidence shows exercise can enhance your health and well-being. But for many people, sedentary pastimes, such as watching TV, surfing the Internet, or playing computer and video games, have replaced more active pursuits.

What exercise can do for you

Millions of Americans simply aren’t moving enough to meet the minimum threshold for good health — that is, burning at least 700 to 1,000 calories a week through physical pursuits. The benefits of exercise may sound too good to be true, but decades of solid science confirm that exercise improves health and can extend your life. Adding as little as half an hour of moderately intense physical activity to your day can help you avoid a host of serious ailments, including heart disease, diabetes, depression, and several types of cancer, particularly breast and colon cancers. Regular exercise can also help you sleep better, reduce stress, control your weight, brighten your mood, sharpen your mental functioning, and improve your sex life. A well-rounded exercise program has four components: aerobic activity, strength training, flexibility training, and balance exercises. Each benefits your body in a different way.


This is the only program you will ever need! Now you can train with the same Science used by the pro’s to achieve peak performance and the body you desire. Phase IV programs are authentic, rooted in Science and safe for athletes of all ages and abilities. At Phase IV we perform all the essential metabolic testing and structural analysis to unlock the secrets of your personal physiology and provide answers for long term success. We assign your own personal Exercise Physiologist and Physical Therapist who will create a customized daily workout program and dietary guidelines based on Periodization principles and designed to create great performances and the healthy lifestyle you desire. They will teach you when to run, when to stretch and do weights and when to rest. Our Physical Therapist will provide a structural assessment as well as a Video Gait Analysis in order to improve your performance as well as specific drills & exercises to ensure proper gait and injury prevention. Our team of experience Physical Therapists and Exercise Physiologists are committed to helping you achieve your performance goals!

Fighting disease with aerobic activity

Aerobic exercise is the centerpiece of any fitness program. Nearly all of the research regarding the disease-fighting benefits of exercise revolves around cardiovascular activity, which includes walking, jogging, swimming, and cycling. Experts recommend working out at moderate intensity when you perform aerobic exercise — brisk walking that quickens your breathing is one example. This level of activity is safe for almost everyone and provides the desired health benefits. Additional health benefits may flow from increased intensity.


This test is the starting point for all science based nutritional programs for fat loss and achieving optimum body weight. This test precisely measures your metabolic rate and tells you how many calories YOU burn throughout the day. Your RMR is determined by measuring the oxygen you consume during the test, how many calories you are burning all day. With this information we arrive at how many calories you should eat a day to lose weight or support your activities. This test will tell you if your metabolism is slow, normal, or fast, and offer you basic guidelines on helping you reach your goal weight.


VO2 & PRESCRIPTION: VO2 max is reached when oxygen consumption remains at steady state despite an increase in workload. In this test, we will fully tax the aerobic energy system through running or cycling. Exercise intensity is progressively increased while measuring ventilation and oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration of the inhaled and exhaled air. From this, we will provide an accurate measurement of your aerobic capacity, along with an exercise prescription to improve or maintain your capacity for training purposes.

Protecting bone with strength training

Strength or resistance training, such as elastic-band workouts and the use of weight machines or free weights, is important for building muscle and protecting bone. Bones lose calcium and weaken with age, but strength training can help slow or sometimes even reverse this trend. Not only can strength training make you look and feel better, but it can also result in better performance of everyday activities, such as climbing stairs and carrying bundles. Stronger muscles also mean better mobility and balance, and thus a lower risk of falling and injuring yourself. In addition, more lean body mass aids in weight control because each pound of muscle burns more calories than its equivalent in fat.


Includes Structural Examination from a Physical Therapist with 2 Personal Training Sessions, ankle weights and stretch strap Designed for the client who has time constraints or limited access to a gym. This program instructs time tested, hand picked strength and flexibility exercises required to avoid injury and maintain an active lifestyle. Based on a history of your past and current exercise habits, injuries, and goals as well as a head to toe physical examination performed by a Sports Physical Therapist your personalized, easy to learn, flexibility and strength program is instructed over two personal training sessions. This program is body maintenance for life and sport.


Strength and Flexibility with 4 Personal Training Sessions

This sustainable year round Strength and Flexibility program will bring your fitness to a peak as you progress through the phases of the same Periodization Training Science we use to train elite athletes. After a careful review of your exercise experience and history of injury and following a head to toe Structural Exam performed by a Physical Therapist, you will receive a personalized training program and four personal training sessions. We utilize hand picked exercises to develop advanced levels of core stability, strength, power and muscular endurance and peak your fitness when it counts most. This program is the result of 30 years of training athletes ranging from weekend warriors to world champions in a wide range of athletic endeavors and active lifestyles.

Easing back pain with flexibility exercises

Stretching or flexibility training is the third prong of a balanced exercise program. Muscles tend to shorten and weaken with age. Shorter, stiffer muscle fibers make you vulnerable to injuries, back pain, and stress. But regularly performing exercises that isolate and stretch the elastic fibers surrounding your muscles and tendons can counteract this process. And stretching improves your posture and balance.

All Phase IV Programs include a safe and effective stretching regimen for before and after exercise

Preventing falls with balance exercises

Balance tends to erode over time, and regularly performing balance exercises is one of the best ways to protect against falls that lead to temporary or permanent disability. Balance exercises take only a few minutes and often fit easily into the warm-up portion of a workout. Many strength-training exercises also serve as balance exercises. Or balance-enhancing movements may simply be woven into other forms of exercise, such as tai chi, yoga, and Pilates. PHASE IV Programs also include balancing exercises within our various strength and flexibility programs

Exercise at a glance In a nutshell, exercise can:

• reduce your chances of getting heart disease. For those who already have heart disease, exercise reduces the chances of dying from it. • lower your risk of developing hypertension and diabetes. • reduce your risk for colon cancer and some other forms of cancer. • improve your mood and mental functioning. • keep your bones strong and joints healthy. • help you maintain a healthy weight. • help you maintain your independence well into your later years. Harvard Health Publications, Harvard Medical School – 3/20/12 https://www.health.harvard.edu/healthbeat/the-secret-to-better-health-exe…


Metabolic testing is the starting point for all science based nutrition and exercise programs designed to achieve optimum health and body weight. The Resting Metabolic Rate test measures precisely how many calories your body requires to keep your metabolism revving and burning more calories all day.The VO2 test measures your metabolic efficiency: at what heart rate you stop burning fat for fuel. A metabolism that relies on carbohydrate for energy throughout the day is often the cause of fatigue, weight gain, an a condition known as metabolic syndrome.

The human physiological structure is the most magnificent creation on earth. The systems that keep us alive, healthy and fit require movement. “Use it or loose it,” is the truth; but the right movement at the right times, with the correct intensity, is a prescription for health.

The Forster Structure Program is the corner stone of every exercise and training program at PHASE IV. It is a global fitness program that is uniquely designed to build functional joint stability, range of motion, flexibility and strength in phases; overtime, to not only prevent injury, but to address old injuries and imbalances that have occurred throughout life.

PHASE IV is a governed by Master Physical Therapists and Exercise Physiologists who have dedicated their lives to understanding how the body works, and how to empower you to reach your goals with less effort and more support than you imagine.

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