Matt Larkin, PHASE IV Exercise Specialist


This exercise is great for working supporting muscles of the shoulder, specifically the posterior deltoid, infraspinatus and teres minor. With the infraspinatus and teres minor both being muscles of the rotator cuff, this exercise can be a great tool to help build shoulder stability and improve posture.

Performing bilateral horizontal abduction with resistance bands proves to be much safer and more effective than dumbbells, as holding weight in each hand puts excess strain on the glenohumeral / shoulder joint.

In this video we show you how do do The Bilateral Horizontal Abduction using the FTS Quad Loop Resistance BandThe quad loops offer an effective way to burn calories, build strength and improve tone, flexibility and postures, all while protecting your joints.   

P.S. Don’t forget to join Matt at PHASE IV every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:15pm for a 50-minute FTS Quad Loops class that will strengthen, tone and burn calories!


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